Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Mobile Applications


iPhone applications and iTouch apps have become a market force in the last few years. Since Apple's introduction of the iPhone a mere 2 and a half years ago, there have been over 7 billion application downloads - and half of those in the last year! This means that the market is phenomenal and shows no signs of abating. iPhone applications will continue to grow in popularity as the iPhone and its uses become more and more indispensable.
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No doubt that the iPhone market is here to stay and that it will become bigger and bigger as the uses and functionality of iPhones increases. The whole idea of having a totally mobile internet functioning device has now become so entrenched in the public awareness that it now difficult to imagine having a life without this so useful of practices.
Certainly the iPhone and the offshoots of the mobile technology has filled a void in the overall human functionality with the total awareness of having information at our disposal whenever we want it.
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