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Easiest Way (Method) To Install Games Apk with Obb

How to Install Apk and Obb
Most of us love to Play Games, and now a days most of Android games need obb files to install Apk, so today i will show you 2 easiest ways to install Apk with Obb file. Anyone with basic knowledge can implement these methods to merge (Install) Apk with obb, so for that you will required any file extractor, but i,ll recommend you to use ES file manager and explorer. once you are done with install the file extractor, the next step will be to download any game Apk with obb.
Now as you have Game Apk and Obb files just follow these steps to Install Apk with Obb:
  • First of open the folder where you have downloaded the Apk with obb.
  • Now copy Apk and obb files to obb folder.
  • You will find Obb folder in Storage<< sd card<< Android<< obb
  • Once you are in obb Folder paste Apk and Obb files.
  • Now rename obb file and copy the name of obb file.
  • Now create a new folder in obb folder and paste the same name you copied before.
  • Now transfer Apk and obb to that new Folder.
  • Now simply Click on Apk and Install the Game.
  • You Are done, enjoy the game.
If you don,t under stand this method simply follow this method and i personally recommend this method to all beginners.
Follow these steps to Merge Apk with Obb:
  • First go to the folder where you have downloaded the game Apk and obb.
  • Simply click on Apk and install the Game.
  • Once the is installed simply open the game.
  • It will start to download the obb file, but now simply close the game.
  • once this is done, simply go to Storage<< sd card<< Android<< data.
  • In data Folder you will see a Folder for the Newly installed Game.
  • Simply rename the folder and copy the name of folder.
  • Now go to Storage<< sd card<< Android<< obb and create a new folder and name the folder with the same name you copied before.
  • Now copy the obb file to this new Folder and your are done.
  • Enjoy the game.

If you still don,t understand simply watch this video and follow the steps

Hope you enjoy the video and now you know how to install apk with obb, and if you like my method simply share this post with friends and loved ones.
Keep one thing in mind that, the name of the folder has great importance so, if you do any mistake while copying the name then you game will not merge apk with obb.

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