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Chocolate And Sweets - Kids First Love

Chocolate And Sweets Love

World is full of Sweetness and these sweets enhance it. Many people especially children are fond of sweets and love their sugary flavor and sweetness.

According to research about 40 percent of total almond is used for chocolate and about 20 percent world's peanut is used for chocolates.

But wait, excess of eating these sweets will cause diabetes so we should not eat too much sweets also it's effects our teeth especially in children who love to eat them.

How much Sweets And Chocolate you should eat?

Well the amount of chocolate and other sweets have major effect on our health if you eat seldom then it is okay but daily eating candies and chocolates and other sweets are very bad for health and can cause series diseases like sugar etc. but eating chocolate is also healthy for heart and it prevents the heart attack chances but excess of everything is bad so better avoid eating daily.

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