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GTA San Andreas Full PC Game

GTA San Andreas is fourth game in GTA series made by Rockstar studios. this game was released in 2004 and it is an open world game. the game is about CJ who shifted from other state to San Andreas where he meets with other fellows and friends and become a gangster and do missions to complete game story. game is full of thrill and action and it's just like living in a open city and do whatever you want.  there are three cities in San Andreas so play in this whole state. game story is about early 90s and you will see the environment of early 90s..

Download gta san andreas

Download gta san andreas

Download gta san andreas pc download


  • play as a third person shooter and roam freely in whole San Andreas including thre big cities and mountains, cities, villages, airports etc.
  • drive every type of transport you like including vehicles, bikes, airplanes, boats, even bicycles.
  • buy new clothes and weapons to show off and to perform shooting action. there are a huge variety of all kinds of weapons and clothes so suit yourself up and beat the other Niggas.
  • real life weather changing and day and night shifting in game with decent graphics makes GTA San Andreas one of the best PC game for average PCs.
  • play through thrilling story mode including many missions in all state.
  • buy new homes to save quickly your game 
  • choose hairstyle by going to barber and choose your favorite tattoo for your body and eat pizzas and burger by going to tattoos and fast food shops.
  • upgrades your vehicles with  paints, hydraulics, nitro and cool vinyls from car garage
  • play mini games in the game like snooker and pinball etc. 
  • go to gym and make muscles and increase your stamina
  • learn new fighting skills by going to the boxing club
  • a huge city map to navigate yourself for going to desired places

GTA San Andreas PC system requirements 

Download gta san andreas for pc

Download Highly Compressed GTA San Andreas

in this file we have compressed the game from 4 GB to only 600 MB and it is 100 % working tested by myself so download and after completing download simply unzip the file and install the game by clicking on setup exe. and enjoy the game.

Download gta san andreas

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