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How to Upgrade to IOS 12 on your iPhone, iPad and iPod devices

How-to-Upgrade-to -IOS -12

Apple is a famed software and hardware company best known for its series of phone, tablet and many more. With the release of iPhone XS, iPhone XS max, and iPhone XR, Apple introduced to the latest operating system that is ios 12. The operating system (ios) mainly focus on delivering a faster, reliable and more responsive across the range of all ios till now. It also provides tons of new app and features like group face time, more than 70 new emoji and esim support. The newly launched iPhone XS, iPhone XS max, and iPhone XR have preinstalled the new operating system, which is very competitive to google android pie. Before you update to the latest ios 12, you make sure that that you have a backup of your mandatory docs .you can choose to back up your data on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via icloud or via iTunes on your pc or mac.



Before installing the ios 12 make sure that your device is compatible with ios 12, like ios 12 and ios 11 is only compatible with 64-bit devices but the 32 devices like iPhone 5 downwards series won’t be able to run the latest update that is ios 12. Here are some series of Apple product which can support the ios 12. Some of the series of iPhone range from the iPhone 5s to the latest iPhone XS max. And for iPad range from iPad air to the latest iPad and lastly for the iPod sixth generation is supported.


Backup your iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Before you upgrade to latest ios, make sure that you have backup all your files and folders. So in that way, you can't lose and regain your data even when your device is fully upgraded to latest ios .so here 3 major processes to back up your data.

Here is how to back up your ios devices using icloud.

Step 1: first of all connect your device to Wi-Fi network.
Step 2: go to the setting and then you will see Icloud just tab the icloud button.
Step 3: now you will see storage and backup tab just click on it.
Step 4: under backup turn on the switch for icloud.
Step 5: just go back and check whether your data is backup or not.

Backup your ios devices using iTunes

Step 1: make sure that you have downloaded the latest iTunes.
Step 2: plug your ios device into your computer, launch iTunes.
Step 3: right click on your device, select backup.
Step 4: after the backup is complete you can check by clicking on iTunes preference > devices (on a mac) > preferences > devices (on a PC).

Backup your ios devices using 3rd party software (paid)

Step 1: download the software “DR FONE “on your pc.
Step 2: open your software.
Step 3: click on backup and restore.
Step 4: plug your iPhone to your pc.
Step 5: it will open you all file directory and simply select the file that you want to back up.
Step 6: select the place you want to back up.
Step 7: just click on backup and it back up all your data.
Step 8: if you want to the backup file then simply click on backup history.

Update to ios 12 on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Step 1: go to the setting then go to general.
Step 2: tap on software update.
Step 3: a notification will come about installing the ios 12 on your device
Step 4: just select download and install and it will automatically download and install the software.

Download ios 12 from iTunes on your mac and pc

Step 1: download and install latest iTunes on your mac/pc.
Step 2: plug your ios device to the computer.
Step 3: Launch the iTunes from your computer and click on the device on the upper right corner.
Step 4: click to summary and then check for the update.                                                                                Step 5: click download and update.

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