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Ios 12 is here in 2018 with a bunch of new additional features to your iPhone, with the release of iPhone XS, iPhone XS max, and iPhone XR, Apple introduced to the latest operating system that is ios 12. The operating system (ios) mainly focus on delivering a faster, reliable and more responsive across the range of all ios till now. It also provides tons of new app and features like group face time, more than 70 new emoji and esim support. The new ios 12 provide a much convenient way to provide new features, which is easier to find out, some of the new features are Memoji, stack notification and many more. Some of the best top ten features are mentioned below:

1)    Faster performance

 With the release of iPhone XS, iPhone XS max, and iPhone XR, Apple introduced to the latest operating system that is ios 12. The operating system (ios) mainly focus on delivering a faster, reliable and more responsive across the range of all ios till now. At every aspect ios, 12 is comparatively faster that include in gaming, photography, launching apps, faster at displaying keyboard and its performance and many more. The new operating system (ios) make faster to the old phone as well, in comparison with the older performance, it gives 40% to 70% faster at the certain task.

2)    Stack notification

 The new feature added to the ios 12 is the enhanced notification, with this feature you will get a bundle of notification of a single app which helps to get rid of mess apps notification. it simply makes a stack of given app notification which makes easy to see the everything perfectly, by taping the bundle you can simply see and take action on an entire group of notification, which is a good welcome change in ios 12.

3)    Memoji and Animoji

 The next feature that you get in the ios 12 is the Memoji and Animoji. This feature actually detects your face and gives a variant customized mask that moves when you shake your head and gives a record of 30 sec. Taking about Animoji you can see tons of new variant masks like t-rex, tiger koala, ghost with the tongue and wink detection and about Memoji the function is same as of Animoji but, advantage is that you can fully customize your own mask that is you can change your hair color, eyebrow, skin and many more.

4)    Enhance battery statistics

 Talking about the battery, in ios 12 you also get Enhance battery statistics feature. This feature allows you to get a lot more verbose data related battery usage. Comparatively looking at the previous range of ios you won’t even get the actual battery use statistics data, but in this new update of ios, it allows you to really decipher what app is draining my battery, how‘s my battery usage going throughout the day and you can even check the battery uses of individual app and their daily activity of your Apple product.

5)    Measure app inbuilt

 Although there are several redesign apps in ios 12, the measuring app is the only brand new app that appears by default when you install ios 12. This is an app that uses AI function which automatically captures the dimension of the given photo and gives you the correct length and breadth of the given figure .you just need to just tap and drag along the edges of the given object onto the screen and after a few hours it automatically gives you the final length and breadth .

6)    Screen time

 With the new version of ios, the Apple introduced to the new feature called screen time, where you will find various report and setting that will help you track how you use your phone. It is considered as the digital health dashboard, which is much similar to the android. It will track your all your activity basically how often you pick up your phone, which notification you respond and it also tracks down how much time did spend on a single app. Those who spend most of the time on the phone this will discourage addictive behavior towards the phone.

7)    Do not disturb mode 

 The function called do not disturb was introduced by Apple from the beginning but now in ios 12 with the do not disturb, you will get many more option by just long pressing the do not disturb icon on the control center. With long pressing the title you get the best time for the relaxation by enabling the do not disturb for a certain period of time.

8)    Group face time

 Apple has just introduced with this cool feature called group face time. This feature allows us to have a group video chat with your friend and family of 32 participate at once. It also allows you to use the Memoji while having a video chat with your friend and family. The cool thing about this feature is that you can drop in and drop out at any time, you can simply use the Memoji while you are using it. There is a bunch of new filter effect to make group face time more interesting. You can use this feature in iwatch, Mac iPhone and many more ios updated product.


9)    New photo app with for your tab

 Apple user love taking photos, with this company has reworked in the photos app with new algorithm detecting the subject in the photos, so it’s easier to search the photos with that. When you open this new photo app you will see in downwards there are a bunch of new tabs, but the most highlighted tab is for you, with this brand new tab it shares all the photos memory and person you have shared with and more. 


10)    Siri shortcuts

This is the cool and superpower feature added in the ios 12 that allows you to invoke automation using anywhere on your ios device, so by default if you go into Siri setting app and you go to shortcuts you can see some suggested shortcuts and these are all based upon how you use your device. Basically, you assign a Siri command and then it will automatically give you the perfect result just by opening Siri.


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