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A Healer's Life - Epic and Funny Overwatch Movie (2019) - Episode 1 (with Dialogues and Subtitles)

Joe Iz Gaming presents this Overwatch story / parody called A Healer's Life. The story begins at Junker Town where a group led by Ana and Winston is defending this city from The Cowboy Villains including McCree, Ashe and Tracer.

Ana is keeping her entire group up with her biotic rifle and grenades as well as her trusty sleeping dart. Winston has to control his anger in order to be able defend his entire group from the invading enemies without losing his cool that will result in leaving his team vulnerable.


1. Game recorded using Overwatch game
2. Voice Dialogues / Music / Sound Effects are taken from Overwatch In-game Heroes Voices.
3. Cowboy Music taken from

For future episodes, you can follow Joe Iz YouTube Channel or if you would like to submit your Overwatch Story Video, you can leave a link at the comment section below.

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