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Motorola to comeback with its foldable smartphone RAZR

Motorola-to-comeback-wit- its-foldable-smartphone-RAZR

If you look at the history of smartphones, there are few smartphones which evolved as a brand and could be said as the iconic of all the time. Motorola has an excellent history on the smartphone of producing the best smartphone in the market. From the ’90s to this century the Motorola has influenced many people with its phones whether it is a smartphone or not. In 2004 Motorola took the mobile industry by storm when it launched stylish and ultra slim and sharp RAZR V3. The main highlighted part of the phone was foldable which caught everyone‘s attention in the mobile phone market. After Lenovo Company owned the Motorola, the company ensure that they definitely bounce back to their position. The Motorola RAZR series was definitely one of the unique foldable and better feature which makes the phone so popular and iconic of the phone market. The extreme stylish unique foldable was born in 2004 by the well know company Motorola, and since it has sold over 130 million units of the phone and become a true icon of the North American brand.

We already know the famous and iconic brand Motorola, better known for its dazzling phones. According to the sources and media platform, now the company again bouncing back with its unique and stylish popular phone RAZR phone. The phone sold over about 130 million units’ cells worldwide and was the most popular phone of the year. Currently, the Chinese brand Lenovo acquired the company Motorola, before that Google owned it. Again to bounce back in smartphone market a new Motorola RAZR phone is on the way and it could arrive on the February 2019. According to international press and sources report, the new RAZR phone could cost around $1500, looking at the price it’s really high because of the next market trend .looking at the next trend of the mobile industry, manufacture is preparing for new concept i.e. foldable. The South Korea tech giant company Samsung and there are other several companies have a foldable phone coming soon in the same year has been a long time since Samsung ’s phones rumors are spreading about the foldable phone and the Samsung Company are really excited to be the first one to launch a branded and stylish foldable smartphone. Even Microsoft is not getting back, they are also preparing their own foldable smartphone with Windows 10 operating system running on it. However the facts are not currently revealed yet about its screen size, processor, storage, Ram and many more, but now we know that the well knows company Motorola is back with its RAZR to unite all the fans of the iconic brand.

So far, we have seen the horizontal folding phone making a good sense to use it and make people impress and then comes a big phone which gives tablet-like experience with unfolded system .but what about the RAZR foldable phone? Can it gain back its customer which the Motorola had in the past? Could the Motorola be planning for extra surprising to fans just by presenting the foldable phone?

However, we must accept the fact that the company Motorola is gearing up again in the market and reviving the iconic phone the RAZR, so what do you think about the phone and its price and will the Motorola again bounce back to its past stage? What do you think simply give your thoughts in the comment section below

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