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Apex legends beat fortnite’s record hitting 25 million players in a week


The battle royal has been embossed as the biggest competitive survival shooting games attracting a big audience of gamers from the past, thanks to refined take a simple gameplay idea survived than anybody else. First came the original squad of deathmatch island “battle royal”.  A Japanese movie explains the story of 42 students dropped on the deserted island and forced them to kill each other until only one was left. The framework did not end and it continued after a year bringing a new one named “hunger games “which reigned the fire. After the movie, the genre of battle still continued as many companies used that concept as a trending game of the year. Games like ARMA 3 and H1Z1 used the concept and gained as an iconic battle royal game of the year, but its popularity of battle royal increased with the release of player unknown’s battleground and fortnite. If you are not familiar with the game, the basic idea of the game is you are dropped off on foreign land and fight to the death and be the last one standing.

Last week Respawn entertainment surprise release of yet another battle royal game called “Apex legends”, a multiplayer shooting game who’s instantly created its hype after its release. There seems to be no one stopping the apex legends creating its success peak. After the three day launch of the game Respawn CEO Vince Zampella announced hitting 10 million players before it was fortnite who took the chart by hitting 25 million in two weeks .an then after crossing the 25 million milestones the game officially shared a twitter post commenting its success. Looking at its success stream, the game has everything you would expect from the multiplayer game, it’s free to play like fortnite and pub g. like overwatch, the game is class-based character system and you can play this game in any platform whether it is pc, Xbox or in PS versions. The transparency from Respawn combined with picking the hottest genre right now is two smart decisions that have contributed to apex success. But that’s not all a big reason why the game is spoken so highly even from people who have shown disdain for battle Respawn put in the of the useful features in apex is the ping system, this allows you to communicate a bunch of different curtails call out and pass out the information to your team without ever having to say a word. If you don’t have a way to communicate or you don’t like speaking online, you can still relay all the important information simply through the ping system. The title of the game explains the diversity of all games in the market. The game feels familiar like a mishmash of a bunch of other titles, it feels like a combination of overwatch with cartoons like legends and abilities. it feels like call of duty blackout and of course Titanfall because it is somewhat. The game is not a clone of the one specific title, it’s a diversity of everything which makes a game better and successful. It managed to release as a complete and polished game that is too much familiar to other game people enjoy but still manages to have its own identity in the gaming market.

Like the fortnite, it allows the player to buy different skin and character that are used in the game but the unique skins are paid. That means to say that you can buy the apex coins that you buy same as in fortnite that is v bucks. if you buy 10,000 coins in apex legends for $99.99 you can get coins around 1,500 for free. That is how gamers make money. Buying apex coins in apex legends or spending more money in-game will not allow you to become a professional player or build your skills, it just makes a little different from others. Both the games are highly demanding and have attracted billions of people in their genre of the game, but the dough it that will it last for decades, will the game stagnate in coming future. Well, I think that entirely depends on how often Respawn and Epic can keep the game fresh with the best updates and new content. If the impactful changes don’t implement on the game, then people will move on. There are so many games out there, which are updated weekly and there are many titles releasing in coming future that could give a break to these games. The company Respawn commits to the game, the game will probably outlast all of them.

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