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Apex Legends: Top View Map with Loot-Tiers Guide and Legendary Loots Locations

Finding and gearing up with the best equipped gear in Apex Legends will be the biggest aspect of winning the game. Where to get these epic and legendary loots in the game? You've came to the right place and this post has all the info you need.

Different locations have different amount of loots in each tier defined as Low, Mid and High Tier Loot. When players ventures into a certain named area on the map, they will be greeted with an on-screen message which lets them know what kind of loot can be found there. 

Twitter user ApexMap has created an interactive online map that indicates which locations have the best chances of containing the highest quality loot.

As you can see from the map below, the best locations to land for loots are Artillery, Swaps, Relay, Repulsor, Water Treatment, Thunderdome, The Pit, Bunker and Airbase Runoff. The loots aren't guaranterrd to spawn, but each of these locations have at least 86% to 92% chance of having high tier loot.

Also, you can see that most of the locations that have the best odds of featuring high tier loot are located at the edges of the map. This is because landing at these locations poses a greater risk of being on the opposite end of the safe zone, while landing in middle of the map means you're always closer to the next circle and will be easier compared to the players coming from the edges of the map.

If you need to know the Respawn Beacon location in order to resurrect your fallen team mates, they're marked with the green dot on the map which is very handy to know. You can check out these locations and all the loot percentage by visiting the Interactive Apex Legends Map Website.

Legendary Loots in Apex Legends

Some might ask.. What about Legendary Loots? You can't see them on the map above, this is because the legendary loot location is randomly spawned on the map. As you can see in screenshot below, the map is highlighted with a square orange dot within the small blue circle at the beginning of the game. This location is a Drop Ship and has a very high chance to drop a legendary loot.

Screenshot below shows us a closer look at the drop ship, it's a gigantic ship which you can use the zip line to get inside.

Once inside, there'll be a chance of a drop pod to land and you can get your hands on the shiny Legendary loots in Apex Legends. Here's a powerful bolt-action sniper called Kraber .50 Cal Sniper looted from a drop pod as screenshot below. 

Don't be surprised to see and bump into a lot of players will be at this high-risk high-reward location. Good luck and happy hunting!

You can watch this video for a quick step by step guide on where and how to get Legendary Loots in Apex Legends as below.

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