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These are the Google services and app that will shutdown soon


Google better known as the tech giant company in the world, the mission of the company is to organize the world information and make universal accessible and useful.  Google has been providing its services from the late ’90s with its name as backrub. The name officially came by when the creator was determining the algorithm of backlink. The google may be a synonym to search but it’s not alone with its features. The billion dollar company has invested in each and every services that we need from the internet. When we want to check places to hang out, you can open your phone and get everything from google maps. When you want to make new friends you can use google plus or if you want to get any services from the internet you can simply rely on Google. Staring from your health-related stuff to your personal business google can give you a bit of better advice which makes our lives easier.
When you imagine a great service, you will always remember google as your first priority, with its advanced services and app, but some of the services and app of Google have been already shut down and some of the services are going to shut down due to low engagement and fewer challenges involved in maintaining the best product which meets the public desire. Company  calms that due to less engagement and misusing this services and app in other purpose so, they decided to shut down the services of Google, so here are the services and app that have been shut down and are going to be shut down

1)    Orkut

This was the service that Google invested to bring all the Facebook users to the new Orkut social networking site. This service was so popular that Facebook user was shifting to this new project, due to its popularity it grew out Google’s 20% time project. This service was more famed abroad rather than it was in the United States. As the many sites were more advanced and gave more services to the user, this site was not maintaining the best product for the future, so the company decided not to take the risk and killed this service in September 2014.

2)    ALLO

Google implemented the next product named as Allo messenger, which was introduced in 2016. It was initially developed to be the smart messaging app that had google assistance built for many things like surfing restaurant recommendations and many more. When this app showed lackluster adoption, the company paused the investment on the app and killed this project in March 2019.

3)    Google plus

Google next product was google plus, which was introduced to the people in 2016. This was the fourth attempt at building a famed social network, this concept was initially the combo of all the project of Google social network projects. Google plus was the only product of Google, which was going smoothly in the social media market, it has 395 million active accounts. But the data shows that 91% of that account was empty .today the 90 percent of the users of google plus used the account to use other best services of Google like YouTube, play store and many the company decided to shutter it after it exposed some of the personal profile of thousands of users, which was the sign of the data breach.

4)    Google drive (mac, windows) 

The service is based on the cloud system, which helps you to store your files on the cloud. Google drive has unlimited file storage for the user, where you can store your files, pictures, documents, projects and many more. This service was first introduced on April 24, 2012, google drive basically store files on their server. This service has a variety of support in mobile, windows, Mac OS computer and android, and ios smart devices. First, the service was preferred additional to the computer or pc, then the revolution of the mobile and smartphone appeared and there was less engagement on the pc or Mac OS. So the company guided to shut down its software on the mac and pc, but you can use this system on mobile and its official website.

5)    Google lab

The company created this project to demonstrate its new project and get feedback from the people. This project was the hype for the newcomers which wanted to start something was a playground where most of the new users can play on their new prototype with a crazy and wild idea, and they can directly give them feedback to the engineers who actually developed them. The project had an official website and some of the famed websites like Gmail, maps and many were tested on that page .but unfortunately on July 2011 Company claimed to shut down its services, with this many services were discontinuing on the google lab.

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